Intercultural Sensitivity is all around

Lithuania National unijon of Students  was partner on European Seminar for developing intercultural competencies for youth.

12112459_1055252641153627_4194992912684898207_nFor 7 days 35 youth workers, leaders and volunteers were working together on partnership project – seminar titled „Intercultural Sensitivity is all around“ – Seminar on developmental model of intercultural sensitiveness and how it can be put into youth work practice in Zagreb, Croatia between 02-08 October 2015. Together with the host organization from Croatia ( European Way), participants came from 9 programe countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, R.Macedonia, Sovenia.

The overall aim of the seminar was to train youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, social workers, etc. on use the Milton J. Bennett model in their daily work and lives in order to improve their intercultural competence to work with different target groups e.g. minorities, immigrants, roma young people etc. Non formal education methods were shared, tools and techniques how they can support young people from different cultural background to be more tolerant, accept the differences, learn more for other cultures, then invent new youth projects e.g. youth exchanges, EVS and trainings in order to improve intercultural competences of young people in European level according to the proposals of Erasmus +.

Here is link of our results: