Student, become a minister!

On 15th of November The Government of Lithuanian Republic will be replaced by students!

In celebration of the International Students day Lithuanian National Union of Students (LSS) is inviting students to become Prime Minister or a leader of selected Ministry for a day. You will have a chance to participate in Government’s meeting and discuss how every Ministry could contribute to the well-being of students.

For those, who are interested in participating, please fill in form and send the following documents until November 5th:
 CV;
 Motivational letter, explaining why do you want to be a part of your selected Ministry (you can apply to no more than three positions, the choices should be put in order of priority in your motivational letter);
 Two letters of recommedation, which may be written by the higher education institution, workplace, or any organisation, in which the student has or is working, volunteering or is/has been an intern.

Recommendations, CV and motivational letter should show student’s experience and competences in selected Ministry’s working field.

Documents will be accepted from October 30th to November 5th in the office of LSS A. Vivulskio 36, 2nd floor) from 10am till 6pm or by email

Documents will be handled by a committee, brought together by LSS. The committee will have the right to invite representatives of Ministry to their meetings, when handling applications.

The committee has the right to invite some of the applicants to motivational interviews, in order to choose the best candidate. Ministry’s representatives might participate in these interviews.

 Documents are accepted until 6th of November;
 On 7th of November candidates will be informed about participating through e-mail;
 On November 8th – motivational interviews (if needed);
 On November 9th- students selected will be meeting with LSS representatives;
 On November 12-14th – individual meetings of students and Ministers (during the meeting, expectations from both sides, working specifics of the Ministry and goals of the International Student Day will be discussed);
 On November 15th- students spend the day as the Government (students will get an agenda, which they will follow throughout the day, as well as all the goals and expected results);
 On November 16th – student Ministers meet with the real Ministers (during the meeting, students’ ideas and suggestions from the International Student Day will be discussed)

Contact person:
Lithuanian National Union of Students’ vice-president
Viktorija Žilinskaitė
Phone number: +370 636 20 717